Adelaide FPV Racing regularly meet with events usually every fortnight with our Fun Fly events at the end of the month and Member Pilots Race events in the middle of each month. In addition, we have a number of indoor events scheduled for flying micro aircraft and other model vehicles at the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds.

A full listing of events is available on our facebook page or for your convenience on the right side of this page.

Event Updates
Please always check the event page close to the event to see if there are any last minute changes due to weather or other circumstances.

Event Costs
AFPVR Member pilot costs are $10
Visitor pilot event cost is $20
Juniors (under 18) are 1/2 price
Spectators are free

Event Timing - Funfly and Race Days
10am start
for field setup - more hands to help the better.
4pm end and packup - again more hands the better
please check the event details for any unique timing details

Weather Policy
The night before an event, the committee will advise by email and social media by 6pm if the event will be cancelled due to weather concerns. This decision will be made by consensus of 3 or more members of the committee based on forecast rainfall, wind speed, temperature and UV rating. Any cancellations will be expressly for the purpose of safety and avoiding equipment damage and as such are not negotiable.

Conditions preceding cancellation:
If the projected temperature according to the Bureau of Meteorology Detailed Forecast (or ‘feels like’ if available) is over 40 degrees for at least half the duration of the event.
60% rainfall continuing for at least 2 hours of the event predicted by the Bureau of Meteorology Detailed Forecast.
Any ‘Significant Weather’ listed at the Bureau of Meteorology Detailed Forecast at the discretion of the Committee.
Any catastrophic or severe weather events listed at the Bureau of Meteorology Detailed Forecast at the discretion of the Committee.

From time to time the committee may issue additional recommendations or warnings when conditions are borderline or UV forecast is extremely high. We will endeavour to ensure as much equipment as possible is present to ensure comfort and safety, but we remind members to provision themselves accordingly for a full day out in the Australian climate.

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If you would like iCalendar feed please use this URL. This article describes how to find this feed.

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